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Myself and our seniors had an awesome time on our 2018 Senior Trip this past weekend! Special thanks to Skipper Hair and the North Florida FCA Outdoor Team for the incredible experience! Practice starts at 4:30 this afternoon and this team with these senior leaders are out to prove something! Get your 🍿 ready because these HamCo boys are about to make some noise! EEEYEAH!!! EEEYEAH!!! #AllHail  #FindYourWhy

-Coach Whittington

(Head football Coach Williston High School)


Lord have mercy!  I am so thankful for the retreat you men took our Seniors on this weekend.  What a precious sight seeing those young lives saved.  If you never do anything else in your life, the impact you've had on these young lives is what it's all about.  When they know you genuinely care about them, the relationships mean so much.  Isn't it awesome to know that these boys will never forget this weekend?  I thank God for you all. 

-Coach Smith 

(Coach/Team Chaplin Hamilton County)


Afternoon Coach, hey I just wanted to personally thank you for this past weekend. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to make it. I really wish I could have been there. What God has called you to do is such a blessing to many. Our boys here at Hamilton County High School are forever going to remember that weekend. I have heard all the stories about the trip. They couldn’t wait to tell me. The best story is about Melvin Brown being the first to dedicate his life to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Words can’t explain what that means to me. He stepped up yesterday after practice and told the team that we were going to say a prayer everyday as a team. This is simply amazing because if you knew where this kid came from you’d be as speechless as I am brother. I just thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve been led to do with our youth.


If there’s anything that I can do coach plz let me know. I have told several coaches that I know around the state and up into GA about what you do and I hope that they will reach out to you.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! #hamco#biggerthanwins#wealreadywon

-Coach May

(Assistant Coach Madison County)

My name is Coach Skipper Hair and I would like to invite you to stay at my Fathers resort. It is a 5-billion-star experience.  I was born again July 1st of 2008 and Baptized in the Suwannee River where I grew up and currently live.  I had the honor of coaching at the winning-est High School program in Florida for 28 years (Columbia High).  During this career I was blessed to see many of these athletes play in college and the NFL. I would like to invite you and your leaders to take an adventure on the Suwannee River with me. When Jesus needed a time of refreshing and wanted to get closer to His father He retreated into the wilderness.  My desire is to share my life and career with you and your leaders. God has entrusted me with a ministry like no other. We want to take you on a trip that will give you an intimacy with God like you have never experienced and an advantage over the competition.  This trip will give you an opportunity to bond, plan and get a head start on your competitors this season.  Amazing crystal-clear springs, wildlife around every curve and a spiritual encounter with Jesus that will never be forgotten. Come to the wilderness and seek God with us!   Your walk with God and upcoming season will never be the same!


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